Deputy Speaker urges graduates to focus on developing the country

Deputy Speaker urges graduates to work towards the development of the country


The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, has encouraged graduates from the Makerere Institute of Social Development (MISD) to utilize their new skills the right way for positive development of the country.

Oulanyah was the guest of honour at the Institute’s 15th graduation ceremony on Friday, 30 August 2019 in Nakulabye.


“As you graduate today, you are opening a new chapter of life and this means other opportunities have opened up to you. Seek these opportunities and explore them for the next chapter,” Oulanyah said.


He noted that most successful people were not born into their current situations, “we just worked ourselves there”, he explained.

Oulanyah told the graduates never to underestimate humble beginnings but instead build on it to attain greater heights because it is a journey.


“Have the right attitude, mind-set, environment and you will succeed.

MISD has trained your hands and brain so that you do and think positive doing things that glorify God’s image,” he added.


Oulanyah told the graduates not to fear failure adding that; “greater honour is given to those who rise above their failures”. He urged them to think outside the box and create jobs if they can instead of looking for them. The Deputy Speaker said the society the graduates are walking into is heavily corrupted and therefore they should be part of the soldiers that fight the vice.


Hon. Captain Donozio Kahonda, the MP for Ruhinda, Mitooma District and old boy of the Institute, advised the graduates that youthful life is fun and enjoyable but they must put it to good use.

“Your youth is a crucial element in determining the trajectory of the rest of your life. Have realistic expectations because things may not turn out to be what you expected; you have to work hard,” he said.


Kahonda reiterated the Deputy Speaker’s advice by asking the graduates to grab onto and look for all opportunities.

“However,” he said, “do not be over ambitious or greedy; align yourself with the goals of your employer and with work ethics”.


The Acting Principal of the Institute, Milly Kemigisha, said that the 22-year-old institution has awarded 431 Diplomas and Certificates in Social Sciences, Journalism, Business Administration among others to students from all over Africa-Source Parliament’s Communications Department

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