Civil Servants to Contribute to Pension Scheme

Each employee to contribute 5%


By Joseph Elunya

The Government is set to introduce contributory pension scheme for all public servants.

The scheme announced today by the Minister for Public Service Muruli Mukasa will make it mandatory for all public servants to contribute 5% monthly towards their retirement benefit.

“The Ministry has introduced a contributory pension scheme to address issues of affordability, sustainability, poor governance and accountability in pension and gratuity payment” told the media this morning that the bill has already been drafted and awaiting approval by Cabinet.

According to Muruli the pension scheme which will be managed by an independent board will take effect on 1st July 2019.

In a related development, more than 12,000 public servants who have gone for months without pay are to receive their salaries before Christmas.

The Minister for public service Muruli Mukasa says that the officials who have gone without salaries for months lacked Tax Identification Numbers-TIN and supplier numbers in order to be able to access salaries.

“The process of obtaining and updating the supplier numbers for the affected public officials is still ongoing and my ministry together with that of finance has engaged Uganda Revenue Authority to facilitate expeditious processing of Tax Identification Numbers for public officers who may not have up-to-date TINs” said Muruli Mukasa.

Meanwhile a total of 2,477 ghost workers have been struck off from the Government payroll following months of validation exercise.

According to the Ministry of Public service the ghost names that were discovered during the validation exercise have been forwarded to the Inspectorate of Government for investigations.

The Ministry reportedly recovered more than 24 billion shillings that was to be paid to the ghosts in the financial year 2017/2018.



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