Hope fades as search for survivours of Bulambuli Landslide enters day five


By Our Reporter

Local authorities in the eastern Uganda, district of Bulambuli are in a frantic search for survivors of a mudslide.

One body has so far been recovered, four days after, a landslide hit Nasubu village, Bulago Sub-county in Bulambuli district. Twenty people are believed to be trapped in the mudslide.

John Maleza Magomu, the Bulago Sub county LC3 Vice Chairperson, says local residents who are digging through the rubble with rudimentary tools with the hope of finding survivors.

He says hope of recovering the 19 missing people is slowly fading because of lack of tools. He says the locals are desperately searching through the rubble with bare hands.

He also says efforts of delivering relief aid to survivors have been hampered by poor road network as bridges have also been washed away.

Mt. Elgon region is prone to landslides. The most devastating took place in March 2010 in Nametsi village, Bududa district and claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

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