In our Covid-19 Series we feature a new song from Rachel Magola


With Uganda being lock downed for another 21 days, pop star, Rachel Magoola (of Obagaina fame), has just produced a song that encourages people to join the fight against the deadly virus


The song, sang in Lusoga, translates into English as follows:

Tyaama Waka oghaye naabanabo

(Stay at home chat with your children)

Tyama Waka oize amakaago buto

(Stay at home renrew your family life)

Corona azura ngaito (Corona has no shoes)

Corona azura ntumbu Corona has no legs)

Bwotambula niiwe omusenvula

( When you move you spread it)


Naaba mungalo iwe mukwagwa nsaba mungalo ( Wash your hands my friend I beg you wash your hands)

Naaba mungalo nisaabuni naaba munga

( Wash your hands with soap wash your hands)

Naaba mungalo buli wootuka naaba mungalo. (Wash your hands every where you go wash your hands)

Naaba mungalo otukule naaba mungalo

( Wash your hands confirm they are clean wash your hands)


Corona azura ntumbu (Corona has no legs)

Bwaala bwaife nobumutambuza

(Our hands carry the virus)

Tiweegema mumaiso kunindo nakwana

(Do not touch your eyes nose mouth)

Nkulamwiisa nkwenda inho aye titwegema mungalo. (Greetings I love you but we cannot shake hands)

Tibukyaayi aye Corona atambula yiriyiri

(Nothing against you but Corona is highly contagious.)

Tonkyalira tikukyalire tywone okusiiga

(Do not visit I will not visit to avoid the spread)

Auto muto auto mukulu auto mukaire

(It kills the young the adult the elderly)

Tweghale ebyakanhigo twetaaga distance.

(Let’s avoid congestion we need to keep distance apart)

At Reality Check Uganda we advise people to stay at home and keep social distance and together we shall defeat Covid-19.


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