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NTV Uganda is on the spot over the coverage of Dr. Kiiza Besigye`s consultation rallies.
NTV yesterday ran a story on Dr. Kiiza Besigye`s rally in Mbale and indicated that he was welcomed by a large crowd of supporters , however to the dismay of the viewers, the footage that was played is of an earlier meeting which Besigye had with some FDC delegates.
The viewers who had glued to their TV sets for an update on the FDC presidential aspirant consultation rallies were taken aback when an old footage of a meeting that took place inside a room was played to depict the large crowd mentioned in the script.
Here are some of the comments that we got from the social media from concerned viewers.
Moses Atocon Atyekwo
15 hrs •
There is a media bias conspiracy towards my candidate , why would NTV overlook an item befitting to the news? , today Mbale pulled up in numbers for KBs rally.
NTV with their wisdom picks on same loser trying to downplay Besigye’s political influence..
We are monitoring the media closely.

Justus Amanya Moses Atocon Atyekwo am only being sarcastic. NTV is no longer media up to good of journalism values.
It’s a full time advertising company
12 hrs • Like • 3

Ronald Muhinda Possibly the footage tape had not reached Kla from Mbale. I am just thinking.
15 hrs • Like • 3
Munguriek David thats real fact
14 hrs • Like • 1
Henry Chemba They only cover jpam
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At Reality Check Uganda we urge all the media houses to abide by the ethical code of conduct and the journalistic principle of objectivity.
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