Otafire Attacks UCC


Uganda Communications Commission’s move to ban Mirundi from appearing on radio and television stations infringes on basic rights, says Justice and Constitution Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafire
Joanita Mbabazi reports that Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Kahinda Otafire has attacked UCC over the decision that he describes as “unacceptable”.
Engineer Godfrey Mutabazi, the UCC Executive Director last week quoted section 29 of the Uganda communication Commission Act, 2013 which states that a holder of a license or a producer of a broadcasting station or with disseminating apparatus shall ensure that what is broadcasted is not contrary to public morality and retain a record of all that is broadcast for less than sixty days. The Commission basing on the above act therefore directed media houses to stop featuring Mirundi.
From clearly quoting act 29 of the UCC Act can what Mirundi talk on TV and Radio stations be compared to immorality as the act says? This is the question the Uganda Communication Commission should be in position to answer to the public.
Article 29 (a) of the Constitution of the Republic Uganda guarantees freedom of speech and expression, however to the Uganda Communication Commission stopping Mirundi to express his views freely is against his right to freedom of speech and expression.
However the state owned Uganda Broadcasting Cooperation TV defied the directive and hosted Mirundi on their political “Good morning Uganda”.
Justice Minister Otafire Angry over Ban
Otafire is against the ban by the Uganda Communication Commission on Presidential Advisor on Media Tamale Mirundi’s Talk shows.
For Otafire, the ban is an abuse to basic human rights as it infringes on freedom of speech.
“It is his constitutional right and he has to speak”, Otafire retorts.
He counsels that those affected by Mirundi’s criticism should instead seek legal redress other using a regulator to silence him.
According to Otafire Mirundi should take legal action against UCC for abusing his rights.

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